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Welcome on our website. Coumou & Katerberg psychotherapy is a practice for psychotherapy. We, Brand Coumou and Hanni Katerberg, have met during our psychotherapy study. We work with people with different kinds of problems like mood disorders, fear and/or anxiety, problems with self-esteem and problems in contact with (significant) others. We believe that it is important to know yourself and we will always take your specific situation in account and the relations you are having.
Brand Coumou (1978)

Brand Coumou (1978)

GZ-Psychologist, Psychotherapist

My way of working is best described by down-to-earth thinking and humor. In working with you I keep in mind your personal experiences en believes, the relations you are having and –when implacable- your physical situation. I like to work with you on your problems (mood, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, not-knowing-what, or specific problems). I use techniques as behavioral exercises, and cognitive techniques to explore your dysfunctional thoughts you might be having. I also use techniques derived from emotion-focused therapies, schema focus therapy and mentalisation based therapy to explore emotions and feelings that might be bothering you. I also use the EMDR technique when painful memories or believes are troubling you.

I am registered by Dutch law as psychologist (BIG-registered GZ-psychologist) and as psychotherapist (BIG-registered Psychotherapist). I am also registered as sexologist by the Dutch association of Sexology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Seksuologie and as system therapist by the Dutch association of Relation and Family therapy (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Relatie- en Gezinstherapie 
 These are my registration numbers: GZ-psycholoog number: 69912685725, and Psychotherapeut number: 89912685716.

Hanni Katerberg (1982)

Hanni Katerberg (1982)

GZ-Psychologist, Psychotherapist

As a psychotherapist I mainly work from a psychoanalytical perspective. An important starting point of the psychoanalytical theory is that we are not fully aware of the motives of our behavior. By becoming more consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings, we are able to improve the understanding of your psychological problems. Sometimes traumas have to be processed. Psychotherapy can lead to more grip on recurrent personal experiences and tries to search for new ways of coping with situations.

I am experienced in working with people with different beliefs, backgrounds and ages, and the treatment of various symptoms and (personality)problems. It’s possible to do a therapy in english. I try to find a balance between an accepting and a confronting attitude. In an intake session we can explore together if psychotherapy can help you out when you feel stuck.

I am registered by Dutch law as a healthcare psychologist (Gezondheidszorgpsycholoog, BIG nr. 59912691725) and a psychotherapist (Psychotherapeut, BIG nr. 79912691716).


This is how we want to help our clients with their inner process

We work with adults (18+), individually and with their spouse/partner (relationship therapy). We listen to your story and ask questions about you. The first and sometimes also the second session we call an intake. During the intake we shall look together with you to your problems, and set up a treatment plan, where we will look at your goals.  We investigate with you how certain patterns developed in your past, and how these patterns can still be a problem for you in day-to-day life.  Our sessions take 45 minutes and will be held every week or every other week. On a regular basis we will evaluate together to make certain we keep on track.

We work with different kind of therapy techniques. And we use elements form Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy (like Affect Phobia Treatment, Mentalization Based Therapy, Short-term Psychodynamic Supportive Therapy), System therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Schema Focused therapy and EMDR.

costs and restitutions

We have made no deals with health insurance companies so we can offer you the best possible care

We have made no deals with health insurance companies. The reason to do this is that we want to keep our freedom to offer you the best choice of evidence-based therapy, suitable for your individual situation. We want to be free of commercial interference so we can provide you with qualitative good care.

Psychotherapy is reimbursed within the “basispakket” of Dutch health insurance companies. You need to have a diagnosis to be able to receive restitution. Reimbursement will always be settled with your “eigen risico”.

Before intake we need a referral letter from your general practitioner (“huisarts”).

We charge €90 for individual sessions (45 minutes) and €140 for partner-relationship sessions (75 minutes). You will receive monthly an invoice. At the end of treatment, or after 1 year you receive a final invoice with the total costs of your treatment (in accordance with Dutch legislation for mental health practitioners, which determines our rate). This final invoice you can send to your health insurance for restitution. We will settle the final invoice with already paid bills. Restitution of costs will take place at the end of your treatment, or after 12 months.

Our way of working makes you responsible for restitution. It is important to contact your health insurance before starting your treatment to learn about your restitution possibilities. For instance, when you have a “natura verzekering” restitution rate can be between 50%-and 80%. When you have a full “restitutie verzekering” you will have 100% restitution.

We advise all our clients to make use of full restitution insurance to keep your own freedom of choice when searching for a (mental) health care practitioner.

Coumou & Katerberg Psychotherapie

Barcelonaplein 178A
1019LZ Amsterdam

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Leave your name and number here. We will call you back as soon as possible. Feel free to ask questions about treatment or restitution

Barcelonaplein 178A, 1019LZ Amsterdam

Telephone: 06-51688574

Our practice is located at KNSM eiland in Amsterdam Oost, formerly known as Zeeburg. The location is close to Central Station and easily reached by tram 7, tram stop Azartplein (End of line), or bus 65, bus stop Levantplein.

Actual intake waiting times (waiting time from the moment you contact us to the date of the intake):
Hanni Katerberg: 8 weeks
Brand Coumou: 25 weeks

The kwaliteitsstatuut can be downloaded from this link.

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Coumou & Katerberg Psychotherapy is a young practice where you are welcome for help with problems like depression, anxiety, burn-out or relationship problems. Brand Coumou en Hanni Katerberg are registered as psychologist and as psychotherapist. The practice is located at KNSM eiland, Amsterdam.